Sponsorship Assistance


The sponsors rejects most proposals of sponsorship because they fail to convince profitability of such venture. It is the money which counts, not your cause!


Tantalise (briefly) the sponsor with both: What is your organisation and how he can benefit from your association.


List the dates, location, projected attendance, age and type of visitors, cost of staging etc.

Market research

Base your estimate of profitable results in $$$. Provide examples from the past and demonstrate your professional understanding of publicity values. Provide potential sponsor with a precedent as to exactly how this worked for other companies like them. Compare your costs with the costs of television commercials, metropolitan newspapers, weekly journals, and radio 3-second spots.

Lasting profitability

Express eagerness to co-operate with sponsor's marketing manager to secure lasting effectiveness. Your event can be included in sponsor's publications or used to publicise the sponsor in the media. Sponsor's logo can be prominent in your publications.

Determining market price

  • What is the cost of similar promotion on the market?
  • Can you develop a package deal which will beat the competition?
  • How much it will cost the sponsor if he choose to use alternative media?
  • What if your team (with sponsor's assistance) wins the national championships?
  • Consider the help of your local sponsorship broker (and beware that he works for you and not for a commission from some Smart Alec).
  • Emphasise that you are talking business and not begging for charitable donation.

Multiple sponsorship

Should you promote several sponsors at the same time? Lead-time How much time is required for the preparation. Approach your prospective sponsor before he start budgeting next year promotions. With your initial order of sample garments, inform us about your plans and we will post you additional information how to maximise sponsorship partnership, send you sample of contract and provide costing of your requirements which will depend on number of garments ordered and the means (print or embroidery) used for the logo.