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Products Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Our track-suits from ecoFriend fleecy are in feel and performance indistinguishable from traditional cotton/polyester blend. As we can provide on all our garments a logo of your club or school, they will not only encourage team spirit, but also provide that warm feeling of reducing environmental polution.


The fiber in this product once had a completely different life as a plastic soda bottle. But, with years of research and development, it has been possible to refine and purify bottles from curbside collection and deposit programs, creating a state-of-the-art fiber which delivers outstanding performance features and beautiful aesthetics.

ecoFriend was developed in response to the concerns of consumers like you, who choose products of recycled materials because they minimize the environmental burden on the earth. You can actually help to reduce overflowing landfills and preserve precious natural resources when you make these ecologically correct choices!

ecoFriend, made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles, has been certified by Scientific Certification System, the U.S. leader in evaluating environmental chlaims, to be the standard by which all other recycled fibers will be judged. SCS also conducted a lifecycle analysis of EcoFriend, resulting in an outstanding Environmental Report Card.

ecoFriend has all of the performance features you've learned to expect from conventional fleecy...comfort...easy care...long wearing...durability! And of course, we haven't given up anything when it comes to looking great. Notice the feel-good softness. The rich appearance. It's all there. Plus, the added value of owning products sthat allow you to be a friend of the earth.


Fact 1: For every pound of 100% ecoFriend, approximately ten bottles are kept out of America's rapidly diminishing landfills!

Fact 2: 4.8 billion bottles were kept out of the landfills in just two years of recycling, saving 1.3 million barrels of oil and eliminating 749,000 tons of harmful air emissions which contribute to acid rain, global warming and smog!

Fact 3: Just one year's worth of these recycled bottles represents enough energy to power a city the size of Pasadena, CA. for an entire year!

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